Rainwater harvesting and stormwater solutions

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Ask us for a competitive price for a rainwater tank for your rural, urban or recreational use.  All sizes and shapes available.

  • After the current droughts and floods we have experienced the world’s climate is changing, therefore we need to be able to harvest and contain water for use through the drier months of the year.  During the winter months we’ll need to slow done the velocity of heavy downpours into our stormwater systems by means of Storm Water Attenuation.  This helps helps prevent erosion and land slips from occurring.
  • We also can supply you products to prevent dust and leaves from entering your rain tanks, PH stabilisers for acidic water and UV Filtration systems to prevent bad bacteria from entering your drinking water.
  • We offer both supply only or complete installed prices to most parts of New Zealand and the Pacific Islands via our broad range of partners in the industry.
  • We offer lightweight uv protected above ground tanks for confined spaces and sites, and in ground concrete solutions where views or covenants require them to be buried.
  • We also can supply custom made tanks for all requirements necessary
  • Email us for a quote at sales@envirolutions.co.nz

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