Waste Water & Septic Solutions

Waste water treatment and septic solutions

  • We use Chartered Engineers, Certified Designers,Plumbers, Drain layers and Electricians where required , so you can have total confidence knowing that the solution chosen for your project is installed and certified correctly .

  • We specialise in the design, supply , installation and servicing of waste water treatment systems.

  • If you have smell issues, ponding in the gardens or feel like your power bill is extremely high with your Septic or Treatment plant give us a call and we can assess what needs to be done to remedy the problem.

  • If you are looking at installing a grey water system for your property give us a call and we can source what is best for your needs.

  • We supply and install standard Septic Tanks where Council’s allow this, we take into consideration all factors needed so that there is no detrimental effect on the land or the home owners.

  • If you are looking at purchasing a property in the country we also offer the service of a pre-purchase inspection whereby you can be confident that there are no expensive bills waiting for you from the current Septic or Treatment Plant after you have purchased the property.

Standard Septic Tanks

We design plans for standard septic tanks and disposal fields at the maximum depth achievable and which can be accepted by city council requirements.

Septic tanks can be constructed from concrete, fibreglass or polyethylene.  

As some builds of tanks are lightweight, they may need to be anchored to prevent floating up out of the ground when empty.
As the usage can vary from consumer to consumer, Septic tanks need to be sized accordingly.

All septic tanks, in order to prevent solids from entering the disposal fields, require an outlet filter is required.
When the effluent leaves the septic tank, it is only partially treated.  The natural processes occurring within the soil below the disposal system carry out the final treatment.

Advanced Wastewater Treatment Systems (AWTS)

These systems differ from standard septic tanks in a number of ways, the primary difference being that they further treat the wastewater before it
is dispersed to the soil environment.

Advanced treatment systems incorporate carefully designed treatment steps, and create conditions to facilitate a consistently high degree of treatment.

Many advanced treatment systems control flow through the system using pumps and timers to avoid overloading the treatment and final dispersal components
during periods of high water usage, or “peak flow” conditions, which could occur during a morning rush of activity or when many guests are in the home.

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